Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pokemon Misty Nude Cosplay

Edit: Our apologies if we offended any hardcore Pokemon fans with our inaccurate description of Misty in our initial post (shown below). One of the interns did not do the proper research and has since been forced to watch rerun episodes of Full House in and endless loop. Rest assured that we will try better in the future to not upset you with inaccurate words to describe pictures of naked women. We now return you to the regularly scheduled post.

To the person flooding the comments with "Post Pokemon?" posts, today you can finally STFU and cream your pants since we are posting Pokemon related cosplay pictures today.

While not "technically" a video game nude cosplay (I don't think Misty ever appeared in the games, just the TV show), this post nonetheless qualifies as a nude cosplay post on this site due to the significance of Misty's character to the Pokemon franchise. I'm sure that anyone who ever played Pokemon and watched the cartoon has dreamed of this type of post. Well now your dreams can become a reality as we present nude cosplay of Misty from Pokemon. Check out all the pictures after the jump.


  1. Your to beautiful

  2. She did appear in the games, she was a gym leader in Red/Blue/Yellow on GB, maybe more, only played the first ones

  3. Dude, did you ever play any of the games?! Misty is the second gym leader in R/B/Y and you face her again in G/HG/S/SS. Get your facts straight.

  4. The fuck are you talking about the games for?! We are here to see tits!

    1. But that's a major error.


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