Friday, January 11, 2013

Street Fighter Chun Li Nude Cosplay 1

Chun Li is the original fighting female in the Street Fighter series and, in fact, is the first female playable character in any fighting game. Because of this, Chun Li has earned the status of the "first lady of fighting games" among the genre's enthusiasts.

Chun-Li was introduced in 1991 in the original Street Fighter II as the franchise's first female character, an undercover Interpol agent seeking to avenge the death of her father at the hands of M. Bison and his criminal organization. Upon Bison's defeat, she fulfills her revenge and decides to return to her life as an ordinary girl

Being the first female playable character in any fighting game, we are sure that Chun Li holds a special place in a lot of gamers hearts (and pants). That's we are pleased to provide you with today's nude cosplay pictures of Chun Li. Check out over 50 great cosplay images after the jump, and be sure to come back again tomorrow for another set of Chun Li nude cosplay pictures.


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