Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mass Effect Miranda Lawson Nude Cosplay

Miranda Lawson is a character in the Mass Effect series of games modeled after and voiced by actress Yvonne Strahovski, who is known as her role of Sarah Walker on the TV show Chuck. In the Mass Effect universe, Miranda is a bio-engineered woman, born with only her father's genes, and genetically altered to be the "perfect" woman. She appears in Mass Effect 2 as a top Lieutenant in Cerberus, the human-survivalist paramilitary group. Miranda oversaw the Lazarus Project, a project dedicated to bringing Commander Shepard back from the dead. She eventually joins Commander Shepard and is a potential romantic link for the male Shepard in the Mass Effect 2 game.

Being a "perfect" woman, Miranda has been the source of many a fan fiction and cosplay fantasies. Well look no more to fantasize, we have the goods on Miranda's nude cosplay. Check out all the space booty action after the jump.


  1. love every single thing about this, also nice tits.

  2. come to papa !!

  3. looks to be more plastic engineering than genetic engineering.


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