Thursday, November 22, 2012

Street Fighter Cammy Nude Cosplay 1

Over on our sister site, the Video Game Butt Shots blog, the most popular post of all time is this cosplay post of Cammy from Street Fighter. That particular post has almost twice as may views as the next most popular post on the butt shot blog. You guys just can't seem to get enough of Cammy and her butt. We've noticed, when looking through the stats of the Butt Shot blog, that a lot of you are looking for some nudity in your cosplay pictures... well that's where this post today comes in. To satisfy your need for some Cammy skin, we present a whole collection of pictures of a Cammy Cosplayer performing a striptease. Enjoy the full set after the jump.


  1. When i want to masturbate, I come to this cosplay, dude!
    I love this model!

  2. dude shes way too skinny. thats disgusting

  3. Love 2c nikki grahame dressed and undressed like her


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