Thursday, November 15, 2012

Naughty Dog - Rings of Power Nude Code

Nude codes have been the stuff of legends for years when it comes to video games. Myths of certain combinations of buttons that, when pressed, will reveal boobs or more have been passed down from gamer to gamer since the old Atari days. Most such nude codes are just that, myths, and do little to reward gamers for their indicate button combinations and instead frustrate gamers. One such nude code has actually been proven to exist, and can even be duplicated on emulators. That code exists in the Genesis RPG game Rings of Power that was developed by Naughty Dog.

Normally when powered on, the game would flash an image of a girl against an ocean sunset scene, followed by the Naughty Dog. However, when the correct buttons were pushed and the Genesis was powered on, a different image awaited gamers... and it featured boobs

Check out the nude code and image after the jump.
Press A + B + C + DOWN-RIGHT + START on Controller 2 as you turn on the Genesis. The Naughty Dog will then come up, followed by the topless woman

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